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Who am I you say?

I am an IT Security professional and software developer living in the United States. I can code in pretty much anything google has answers for, but more recently i've been working mostly in C#. Secondary to that are Purebasic, Lua, Ruby, and a small amount of php. I have also taken classes in C++, but that's definatly not one of my favorite languages.I have experience as well in creating MEAN stack applications.

During high school I competed in a high school cyber defense competition called Cyberpatriot. During my first year of competition, my team and I earned third place in the nation, and in our second year of competition we won first. Being in this competition is what pushed me to study IT Security.

In my past work I have also had experience doing software beta-testing, computer incident response, and malware analysis (which is a lot of fun! Until you have to write the report).

Currently for work I do custom software development.