D3 Servers

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The below listed are downloads avaliable that have to do with the d3 servers. Some may be scripts, and others may be the software itself.

Server and utilities

D3 Classicube GUI - GUI configuration and mangement tool for D3 server v1+. Source code is avaliable on github here.

D3 Server v1.010 With GUI - A clean version of the D3 software for use with Classicube. Includes the GUI from above.

D3 Server IRC Bridge Plugin - A plugin for the server that adds an IRC client to the software to relay messages back and forth between the server and an IRC channel. See Documentation page for installation and use instructions.

Lua Scripts

Citygen by WolfX - An improved version of the city generator. Use it with /mapfill cityx. To install, place in your 'Lua\Map_fill' directory.

Copy/Paste by WolfX - Gives players the ability to have a personal clipboard for copying builds. (Note: requires you to add two commands for copy and paste. To install: Create folder called 'wolfx' in your lua directory. Inside that folder, create a folder called 'Clipboard'. Place copy.lua inside the wolfx folder, and add your commands.)